About Me

I am an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands. Since February 2024, I have been an Editorial Board member at Career Development International, where I served as a Senior Editor between January 2023 and February 2024. I also joined Europe’s Journal of Psychology as a Senior Editor, overseeing research integrity and data ethics since October 2023.

During my doctoral research, I focused primarily on virtual teams and remote work, exploring the behavioral processes and organizational outcomes associated with digitalization. Simultaneously, I was keen on delving into the impact and darker aspects of digital media usage in broader social settings, ranging from education to dating. However, as my career progressed, I found myself drawn to more profound questions within the field of psychology and social sciences in general. My interests expanded to critical perspectives in the organizational psychology field, where I aim to address issues related to research inequalities, the dominance of the scientific elite, the sustainability of academic careers, and the challenges faced by academics. In addition to my scholarly research, I recently started writing on topics around science (mostly social sciences), the science of science (meso- and meta-science), and the lack of science (research ethics). If you wish to read more about it, you may subscribe to my blog.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Work and Organizational Psychology from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Recently, I finished a graduate degree in Higher Education Policy at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I also hold graduate degrees from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, DePaul University Chicago, and Northumbria University and an undergraduate degree from the University of London.

Research and Publications

My research revolves around the impact of technology in the workplace and non-standard work practices. To this extent, I have been studying the impact of remote work on organizational outcomes. Additionally, I study human behavior, mostly technology-mediated interactions in wider social settings. More recently, I developed another stream of research about scientific inequalities, research ethics, and the state of organizational research and academia. The full list of my publications can be found below.

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At EM Normandie Business School, I have developed several courses in the Digital Strategy and Innovation graduate program and obtained the national accreditation from the Conference of Grandes Écoles. These courses include Digital workplace and managing fluid teams; Recent technological applications and societal challenges; Managing digital risks and cybersecurity; Legal and ethical perspectives; Fundamental of corporate strategy; Measuring performance in digital business; Digital innovation and consulting; Digital marketing techniques; Branding in the digital world; Digital distribution and operations management and Value proposition through environment, social and governance strategy. Additionally, I served as the course leader of the Organizational Behavior course delivered on four different campuses; Oxford, Dublin, Dubai, and Caen. Most recently, the courses I design and deliver include Critical Issues in Management; Contemporary Topics in Organizations; and Research Methodology at the graduate level and Organizational Behavior at the undergraduate level. You may find the full list of courses I delivered below.

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